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Yassine doesn’t tether himself to a specific artistic current. Instead, he crafts art through the dynamic fusion of 3D modeling, animation, and graphic design. For Yassine, the canvas is digital, a realm where he can seamlessly navigate between various programs. It’s in this digital domain that a unique artistic voice emerges.

YASSA has worked mainly in the dutch music industry but also has done work with Trippie red, Rarri ,6ix9ine and Meek mill.

Creating is Yassine’s response to the call of challenge; it’s the heartbeat of his artistry. The digital realm becomes his playground, where the interplay of pixels and polygons breathes life into his imagination. Through 3D art, animation, and graphic design, Yassine paints not just with colors, but with emotions.

The heart of Yassine’s artistic journey lies in his refusal to be confined. The digital landscape offers him boundless possibilities, allowing him to explore, experiment, and evolve. It’s a journey fueled not just by technique, but by an unyielding passion for creation.

Yassine’s canvas is not limited by traditional boundaries; it extends beyond the tangible. It’s the dance of light in a pixelated world, the symphony of shapes and colors that echo the vibrancy of his emotions. Each creation is a testament to his dedication to the craft and his pursuit of perpetual growth.

In his youthful exploration of art, challenge is not an obstacle but a companion. It’s the force that propels him forward, urging him to delve into new realms of artistic expression. Yassine Oumghar isn’t just an artist; he’s an architect of emotions, a weaver of digital dreams, and a seeker of the infinite possibilities that art offers.

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